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Why do I need my tooth extracted?

Most often, tooth extractions are performed by dentists when there is nothing other procedures like fillings or a root canal can do to save the tooth. Generally, it is preferable to save the tooth and the root if it is at all possible, but there comes the point where trying to keep the infected tooth in will do much more harm than good. Your dentist will only consider tooth extraction as a last option for the total health of your mouth. 

You may also need extraction for other reasons, like for dental posts and to make room for major dental reconstruction, as well as emergency surgery on the jaw.

woman getting tooth extractedDangers of Avoiding Tooth Extraction

Losing a tooth sounds like a big deal, and it can be scary, but thanks to modern advances in dentistry, not only is the extraction process more comfortable than ever, there are options for helping you recover your smile.

If your tooth is infected and sufficiently damaged, it will fall out on its own eventually anyway, but that's no reason to leave it in. The bacteria can spread and cause irreversible damage to your gums and jaw bone. Not to mention that until the nerve in the tooth dies, it is likely to cause debilitating pain.

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