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How often should I go to the dentist?

For most patients, a visit to the dentist for a dental cleaning exam is needed every six months. Twice yearly dental cleanings and exams help to keep your teeth and gums free of plaque and tartar, and they give Dr. Brett a chance to fully evaluate your oral health.

With regular exams, Dr. Brett can track any oral health changes, including developing cavities or other issues, like gum disease. Early treatment is ideal when it comes to dental issues. If you catch a dental problem early, the treatment is generally less invasive and less expensive than if it is allowed to progress. That is true of cavities, gum disease, and most other oral health problems.

man smiling in dental chair after regular cleaningFor example, if you wait and don’t seek treatment, a cavity that could have been fixed with a simple dental filling could need a dental crown or a root canal, both of which are more invasive than filling and will have more of an impact on your wallet.

At Alpine Family Dentistry, we are strong believers and preventive dental care. Even if you don’t suspect cavities, you should be seeing your dentist regularly. With regular exams and early treatment, your teeth will stay stronger and last longer.

Dental Exam in Eagle River, AK

Don’t wait until something breaks or hurts to visit the dentist. Dr. Brett and his friendly dental team are here to help you keep your teeth clean and healthy so you don’t have to deal with more serious dental issues down the road.

Reach out to our Eagle River dental office today to schedule your appointment for a dental cleaning and exam.

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