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Why do I need a dental filling?

Cavities affect people of all ages—not only children! If you have a cavity, you need a dental filling in Eagle River, AK to restore your tooth health.

woman smilingWhat Is a Dental Cavity?

A dental cavity is an area of decay on your tooth. Without treatment, the cavity can grow and become painful, even compromising the integrity of your tooth.

Additionally, because cavities are not always easy to see with the naked eye, it's essential to have regular dental checkups to diagnose and treat cavities as soon as possible.

We rely on tooth-colored fillings to treat tooth decay in our dental office. This method means no silver to detract from your smile. And the composite filling also means that no one will even notice you've been to the dentist.

Lowering Your Tooth Decay Risks

Cavities are primarily preventable with regular checkups and teeth cleanings, coupled with brushing and flossing at least twice daily. If you're especially prone to cavities, your Eagle River dentist can provide additional tips, including nutritional advice.

For Tooth-Colored Fillings in Eagle River, AK, Give Us a Call

If you have older silver fillings you'd like to replace—or if it's time for your checkup and teeth cleaning—a team member is standing by to get you started.

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