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3 Tips for At-Home Oral Health Care between Dentist Visits

September 29, 2022
Posted By: Alpine Family Dentistry
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If the ideal dental health care regime were a three-legged stool, your regular dental visits would be only one leg, while the other two would be your at-home care routine and what you eat and drink. However, if you want your teeth to support a lifetime of healthy functionality, you need all three legs to remain strong.

When you visit us at Alpine Family Dentistry, you can feel confident that we will hold up our end of the stool by providing high-quality preventive dentistry along with emergency and restorative dental services. But we also want to partner with you towards developing the best possible at-home care. So here are some tips to make your part easier and more effective.

Tooth Brushing Tips You May Not Know

Most of us have been brushing our teeth since we were kids. And as the cornerstone of your at-home tooth care program, you should ensure that every family member follows a few guidelines. Here are some specific tips for better brushing:

  • Brush your teeth twice daily, two minutes a time
  • Use a soft-bristled, manual toothbrush
  • Don't brush too hard; longer beats stronger
  • Replace a manual toothbrush several times a year
  • If you have dexterity issues, try a powered toothbrush
  • Remember to change your powered toothbrush head frequently

If you have specific questions about how well you are brushing or about certain techniques, we encourage you to ask them at your last visit so we can advise you.

Flossing Tips for Better Oral Health in Eagle River

While toothbrushes are highly effective in ridding you of plaque on tooth surfaces, only flossing can remove plaque gathering between your teeth. The standard floss we recommend is a waxed floss that resists shredding, and you should use it at least once per day.

However, we encourage you to explore other flossing options if you struggle with the standard product. Intraoral cleaners, single-use flossers, and water flossers may be reliable options. The first commandment of flossing is that it's more important that you find the chance that you'll use than to struggle with an option that doesn't work for you.

Tips about Foods and Drinks that Threaten Teeth

Though everything you consume will contribute to tooth decay, some things are particularly problematic. For example, foods containing acids may quicken the erosion of your tooth enamel, and sugary foods supercharge the bacteria that cause plaque. We suggest minimizing these foods, but if you choose to indulge, we recommend drinking clear water afterward to rinse away the threatening compounds.

At-Home Care and Preventive Dentistry in Chugiak

The team at Alpine Family Dentistry is here to help you have the most stable and effective dental care possible. To learn more about at-home tooth care, don't hesitate to call our Alaska dental office for an appointment.

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