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Four Things to Look for in a Family Dentist

January 26, 2022
Posted By: Alpine Family Dentistry
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Life can be hectic even if you're only responsible for yourself. But if you're also in charge of a couple of children, it can become downright unmanageable. One tactic to help balance a busy life is to combine as many things as possible into one stop. From this perspective, your dental appointments should be no exception.

The ability to get the whole family treated under one roof is something you should look for when choosing a dentist in Eagle River and Chugiak. Here at Alpine Family Dentistry in Eagle River, we can suggest a selection of characteristics that help define an excellent family dentist.

#1 Comprehensive Dental Services

Along with serving the whole family in one place goes the ability of your dentist to offer a wide range of services in one place as well. Of course, exams, x-rays, and cleanings are the foundation of general dentistry. Still, your family dentist should also offer preventive services such as fluoride and sealant treatments for the kids.

One thing you especially want is a dentist who provides emergency dental services and is familiar with each family member just in case of an accident or acute problem.

#2 Specializes in Family Dental Care

Dentists with extensive experience treating all ages are another thing to look for in your new dentist. Dr. Brett Kocherhans and his team know the unique needs of each patient type. This is especially important with your children. Dr. Brett, himself a parent, understands that children respond best in a caring and comfortable environment.

#3 Strong First-Visit Protocol

A good family dentist will help you understand that starting early in their lives helps your children have a positive relationship with dentistry for life. When your child's first tooth appears, you can come in for an initial exam that will focus on gentleness and positivity. Our team can also advise you on the best at-home routine to help keep your kid's teeth clean between visits.

#4 Read Testimonials and Reviews

Finally, you can learn a lot about a family dentist by reading testimonials and reviews. Your neighbors can offer first-hand experiences and describe specific situations that you may not have considered. For example, a dentist who receives a positive review after caring for a special needs patient will have the skills and compassion to treat even difficult patients.

Family Dentist in Eagle River and Chugiak

At Alpine Family Dentistry, we can treat the whole family with comprehensive dental services, family specialties, a great first visit, and plenty of excellent reviews from current patients. We encourage you to reach out and learn more.

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