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Dental Crowns: What Are They, and How do They Work?

March 28, 2022
Posted By: Alpine Family Dentistry
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Dental crowns in Eagle River, AK, are caps placed over a treated tooth to reestablish function and protect your smile. These caps are colored and designed to look like natural teeth.

Our tooth crowns offer a variety of practical uses across dentistry.

How We Use Tooth Crowns Near Chugiak

If you’re having a root canal treatment or present with a damaged tooth, we typically complete treatment by adding a dental crown, which can be made of zirconia, e.max, or gold.

Our dentist also uses crowns to support a dental bridge—topping healthy teeth with crowns affixed to a centered restoring tooth.

Additionally, a dental crown can conceal tooth flaws in cosmetic dentistry.

The Dental Crown Process

We clean and prepare your tooth for a long-term dental crown at your first appointment. Preparation includes removing ridged-like sections, decay, and broken filling material. Your dentist then caps the tooth with a temporary crown.

Your temporary restoration keeps your smile intact while a trusted lab creates your long-term tooth crown.

When the lab delivers your crown, you come in for placement. At this time, your dentist adjusts the crown for improved fit if needed. Then, you’re free to use your restored tooth—relish your favorite meals and smile confidently again.

Taking Care of Your Dental Crown

There are no products to purchase to care for your crown. However, brushing and flossing, regular checkups, and teeth cleanings contribute to crown (and tooth) longevity.

You should also talk to your dentist if you suspect bruxism (grinding and clenching your teeth), and always wear the proper mouth or face gear when competing athletically.

Contact Your Eagle River, AK Dentist

It’s essential to treat a damaged tooth to prevent loss and infection. If you have a crumbling or fractured tooth, contact our dental office to arrange a consultation with the dentist.

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